the body, reclaimed

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The Body, Redefined, hosted by Natasha Muluswela in collaboration with BLACKONBLACK, is a 6-week interactive workshop for womxn to create art, listen to music and discuss what body positivity means to them. Each session will explore the varying relationships we have with our bodies by focusing on a different body part e.g. chest/shoulders, bums, tummies, breasts and backs.

We want to facilitate an open dialogue and create a safe space for womxn to explore and cultivate the relationships they have with their bodies and remind them that body positivity includes all womxn, including women of colour without judgement — a great place to start is seeing positive representations.

By the end of the workshop, you will have worked on your own, full self-portrait that will become part of a larger group mural representing the beautiful diversity of womxn.

The weekly sessions will be held on zoom and once you sign-up, we will send you a weekly email with a zoom link to the class!

You can grab a ticket for the whole 6 weeks or just a specific session, with 50% of sales going towards Natasha and 50% going towards the support of Doctors Without Borders who save people’s lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics and now, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Find below a summary of the topics that will be covered each week and the materials you will need!

Week 1 - Introduction (N/A)

Week 2 - Stomachs (Biro — Black or Blue)

Week 3 - Bums (Pencil)

Week 4 - Chest and Shoulders (Coloured Pencil)

Week 5 - Backs (Water Colour Paints)

Week 6 - Group Presentation (N/A)

About the Artist

As a Zimbabwean born artist currently living in the United Kingdom, different cultures and people have always been a central focus to Natasha. In order to understand how perceptions of beauty work in society, she concentrates on the varying relationship between what it means to be different, how perfection comes into play when linked to imperfections.

Her work is centred around body positivity and what it means to be beautiful by exploring conditions that people suffer from such as vitiligo, stretch marks or freckles, conditions which in some parts of the world that are seen as shameful or have stigma tied to them. She chooses to concentrate on how these unique markings by nature are a true part of human existence.

Natasha wants to celebrate how nature can intertwine with human existence. As in nature, no two things are the same, so why should we be the same? She wants to celebrate how something that is seen as different is a cause for celebration of being different.

The subject matter of each piece determines the materials used in the piece. Each project often consists of graphite, however, contains a subtle colour in a range of different media.

Her work can be viewed on her Instagram page @npariss and

We look forward to creating with you!

Joycelyn and Natasha x

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